Whelped: 03/21/2016 – (RETIRED)

Call Name: Ruby

Achievements: AKC: TKN


Pedigree of: Thompson Farms Rumor Has It (Ruby)

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: Hoover Acres Captain WS470043/02 Hill Top Agent Gibbs WS413134/06 05-14 AKC DNA #V725587 Wasko Von Der Urbacher Hohe WS405698/01 08/12 (Germany)
Quinnie Vom Hause Fritz WS258094/01 12-08 (Hungry) AKC DNA #V502822
Lady Anika Von Mercy WS385665/07 08-14 Stoney Creeks Frieden Wachter WS301326/02 08-10 AKC DNA #V613765
Mercy Bear WS154251/12 01-09
DAM: Miller’s Indian Lakes Kate WS450949/07 Canabees Zahi WS345652/07 04-12 Canabees Cold Touch Of Steel WS274500/04 11-09 AKC DNA #V670913
Goddess Carley Of The Angels WS163066/06 06-08
Canabees Kush Kettle Boss WS388295/01 01-14 Canabees Reign Of Blackthorne WS209691/04 10-08 AKC DNA #V652989
Canabees Sweet Taste Of Sin WS274500/03 02-11