Odyssey Rottweilers only does limited breeding, with each litter being well planned and purposefully bred. Parents have been chosen not only for their health clearances, but also for their beautiful conformation and excellent temperaments. We breed with the intention to keep one or two puppies for the future of our breeding program

Rottweilers make great family members, and we will work with you to see if they are the right dog to fit your personality and lifestyle.  We are happy to answer your questions before during and after adopting your puppy to make sure that you get the dog that will become your next best friend.

The Odyssey Rottweiler Difference

At Odyssey Rottweilers, all our dogs are raised in our home, as part of our family. They are fully incorporated into our lives whether that is out in public, on the farm, at work, in a class or on the couch. They are continuously socialized to as many environments as possible throughout their lives.

We start with dogs that are a true representative of the breed, dogs that have been tested for genetic issues and dogs that you can trace their pedigrees for generations.

It is our belief that having a good recipe of genetics, temperament, health clearances and socialization is what makes all the difference in our puppies. Our rearing standards are high & it shows in each puppy we produce.

Our puppies are raised with Puppy Culture. We proudly use this exceptional program with all our litters. We strive to provide our puppies with an enriched environment which has proven to develop a more confident and easily trained dog. Our goal is to set each puppy up for success. Puppy Culture is an invaluable tool to further our puppies’ development and well-being.

Whether you are looking to show, event or just a new best friend, we look forward to creating long lasting friendships with the families that become part of ours when they take home an Odyssey Rottweiler puppy.